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Helping To Manage The World’s Busiest Airport

December 8, 2015

In the highly competitive aviation business, there has been an uptick of complex challenges airport administrators, airline management and vendors are facing. Following a lack of investment in recent years, the market is seeing increases in construction activity as operators strive to compete on quality provision. For facilities and upgrading to remain innovative and competitive, well-planned construction and upgrade programs are part of the product’s lifecycle.

At the world’s busiest airport, CPS has the expertise and forward-thinking strategy to advise Atlanta Airline Terminal Corporation (AATC) officials (the group that operates and maintains the Central Passenger Terminals at Hartsfield –Jackson Atlanta International Airport) on how they can deliver smarter airport operations and infrastructure. For more than 10 years, CPS has helped AATC officials manage any infrastructure and facility enhancements for the world’s busiest airport. “From scrutinizing budgets to understanding how schedules need to be met, and all the nuances of construction at an airport facility, CPS and Todd Butler have the understanding to help AATC manage all of these issues,” said AATC Executive Director Kofi Smith. “Innovation is what we get from CPS. Todd and his team are always offering up new solutions and strategy to solve any issues we encounter.”

CPS has overseen more than $300 million of projects at HJAIA, including managing challenging replacement, expansion, renovation, upgrades and new construction; as well as managing contracts for maintenance, operations, utilities and other services. The success CPS has at the airport is simple – seamless representation of AATC on all projects. CPS makes sure to execute every airport project flawlessly to protect its client. “I trust Todd and the CPS team to speak for me,” said Smith. “The knowledge, loyalty and integrity CPS brings to AATC is unmatched. CPS protects the interest of AATC and goes above and beyond on every project we work with them on.”

It is not something CPS learned overnight, their aviation experience is vast. CPS’s ability to coordinate with the airlines is the reason why they can execute projects so quickly and efficiently, and in the most optimal manner. Also, CPS has a close relationships with all the parties involved at Hartsfield-Jackson, integrating the CPS team with the airports, and a lateral thinking approach, ensures a productive partnership and realization of the project vision.


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