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What We Do. Why We Matter.

We are constantly asking the challenging questions and driving value at every turn. It is our relentless passion for finding a better way which helps Comprehensive Program Services (CPS) provide the best projects for our clients, safely and efficiently, while defining industry’s best practices.

What We Do

Achieve Your Project Goals

We examine your projects and determine the best way to achieve your goals. Based on our collective experience, we are able to sit down with you, our client, to look at your projects objectively determining where you are and how we can achieve all your goals and meet your needs utilizing your budget and schedule. CPS works with you to anticipate the key issues that can impact successful completion of the overall project. We aggressively manage the elements of cost, time and quality, and work closely with you to achieve the maximum value for each dollar.

Our Services

Our Approach for Your Project

CPS is a full service program and construction management company that serves as your independent advocate during every stage of your project from planning and design through construction and occupancy. Our role is that of advocate and arbitrator: continually evaluating and balancing conflicting requirements to achieve our clients’ construction goals. Program management is at the heart of the core services delivered by our integrated program team, and we provide another layer of protection for the best interest for our owners.



The aviation industry faces increasingly complex challenges. For more than a decade, CPS has offered the world’s busiest airport and its partner’s solutions that deliver real results which benefit the balancing needs of people, operational processes, technology solutions and the facilities.


Local Government

Government administrators balance many priorities while making the most of public funds. CPS provides solutions that maintain healthy growth for a community, as well as manage risks and complexities of public projects.


Higher Education

The demand for first-class learning environments has never been higher. CPS works to help create innovative, flexible and collaborative places of learning as well as student support spaces, working with clients from every level of the education system.


Criminal Justice

There are many important and unique aspects of criminal justice facilities. CPS understands the intricate requirements of these facilities including the need for high-level security, unique safety requirements and advanced technologies while being a good steward of public funds.



Whether it is a historic building renovation or a community center, CPS works to maximize the value of each project dollar and remaining within budget. We strive to strengthen communities that set the path to build a better tomorrow.


Market Expertise

For over 20 years, CPS has completed many large, complex projects throughout the Southeast. Our integrated team approach adheres to a simple strategy: innovative, on-time and on-budget delivery regardless of the program size and scope .