Why We Matter

Why We Matter

Capital building programs deserve attention.

Through our effective program management techniques we control and deliver construction projects to cost and on program, minimizing risk while maintaining safety, achieving quality and increasing investment returns. Program management is at the heart of the core services delivered by our integrated management team. We define our client’s needs, manage the process and the risks to deliver their project safe, on-time and on-budget as promised. A testimony to our performance is the fact more than 90 percent of our business comes through our existing clients.

The CPS Way

We have an unwavering dedication to find a better way. As part of this dedication, we ensure that we are the experts on the issues and challenges facing our owners. We work to create places that serve the end-users, reflect local culture and surpass our clients’ expectations. Everything we do challenges, innovates and strives for a solution that achieves our clients’ goals more affordably, more efficiently and more effectively.

We Protect Your Interests

Before we talk to a design, CM-at-Risk team or create a single word in a RFP, we make sure we understand not only what the initial capital costs are for our owners’ needs, but the cost impact to operate the new facility (people, utilities, etc.) moving forward. We want everyone hired on a job to clearly understand what the plan is and how we intend to implement it. Each team member knows what their exact responsibility and role is throughout the project. CPS protects our owner’s interest on cost, schedule and operations.

We Simplify The Process

CPS allows our owners’ to manage their work, while we deliver their project. Communication is key in developing a thorough program plan. CPS talks to all departments, agencies and employees impacted by the project to understand how each entity impacts the project. Our program plan addresses what each of these entities need, and includes a full budget and schedule. There are no surprises. The program plan lays out how the needs of all involved parties will be addressed and where decisions will be made and ultimately when the project will be delivered.

We Make Your Dollar Go Farther

At CPS our goal is to try to save our fee within each project we work on. We clearly understand where the most impactful dollars are for our owners’ from a capital standpoint and long-term operational costs. Operational costs including people, utilities and maintenance will be discovered during the planning and design process, not at the final stages of the project. We make sure our owners’ know what options they have to save money long-term.

We Ensure Timely Delivery

CPS has never missed a project delivery date. Ever. We have an understanding of the potential impact on the operations of our owners’ if we do not meet our objectives and we make sure all involved in the project understand the importance of the schedule, and we hold everyone accountable to the project schedule.

We Guarantee Quality Results

At CPS, we make sure we drive the program plan across the finish line. Because project success means different things to each client, CPS makes sure we have someone on-site at the project overseeing and mitigating any risks. This process helps us to deliver a quality project every time for our owners’.