For more than 20 years, CPS has been working for Owners. We have significant experience with a number of large, complex project endeavors, many for public sector clients in the Justice/Government, Aviation, and Higher Education markets throughout the Southeast. As part of our integrated team approach, we adhere to a simple strategy: innovative, on-time and on-budget delivery regardless of the size and scope of the program.


The aviation industry faces increasingly complex challenges. Airports must meet higher demands in security and sustainability and plan for changeable market conditions. For more than a decade, CPS has offered the world’s busiest airport and its partner’s solutions that deliver real results which benefit the balancing needs of people, operational processes, technology solutions and the facilities.

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We help the public sector to build communities that will thrive into the future. Government administrators balance many priorities while making the most of public funds. CPS provides solutions that maintain healthy growth for a community, as well as manage risks and complexities of public projects. We know what being a good steward of public funds looks like.

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The demand for first-class learning environments has never been higher. CPS works to help create innovative, flexible and collaborative places of learning as well as student support spaces, working with clients from every level of the education system. We pride ourselves on bringing impartial and intelligent added value and our pragmatic approach to each and every project – big or small.

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