Project Description

Cobb Adult Detention Center

In 1994, the Cobb County Adult Detention Center Campus located in Marietta, GA started its multi-phase renovation of the numerous facilities. The $110 million, 400,000-SF endeavor of building a new jail annex was a challenging and complex project. Being accountable to the citizens and tax payers of Cobb County, Sheriff Neil Warren knew he needed to find a component and well-respected program manager to drive this important project. The Sheriff and County turned to CPS to manage multiple projects for them. “We needed a group who had the best interest of the county, taxpayer’s money and the sheriff’s office at heart,” said Sheriff Neil Warren. “CPS has integrity, honesty and presents the facts regarding our multimillion dollar project without imparting their own perception.”

Now more than 15 years later, Cobb County and the Sheriff rely on CPS’s guidance and program management services.