H-JAIA Tunnel Hot Water Loop Expansion Compensator Repairs Project

H-JAIA Tunnel Hot Water Loop Expansion Compensator Repairs Project

February 18, 2016

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport,
Tunnel Hot Water Loop Expansion Compensator Repairs Project

CPS served as Construction Manager for the planning, design, phasing and installation of 8 heating hot water (HHW) expansion compensators serving the Concourses at Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

CPS provided overall coordination of a design-build with complicated logistics and associated access to the airports underground utility tunnel for the HHW piping.  The scope of work included in the design:  Mechanical design as needed for repair, replacement and additional expansion devices to provide adequate expansion of the HHW piping in the tunnel.  Plumbing design as needed for connections to base building sanitary and water service.  Electrical design as needed for power and new LED lighting.  Structural design as needed for support improvements at cable and pipe anchor attachments.  The quantity and size of compensators, pipe guides and isolation valves included:  HHW expansion compensator quantity of 6 at 12” and 2 at 8”, alignment pipe guides quantity of 92 at 12” and 38 at 8” and two 12” stainless steel isolation valves

The work was coordinated with a seasonal approach as to ensure no impacts to the ability of the facility receiving heating.  Performed replacement and upgrades through a year and a half duration.

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